ribs and chicken

  1. S

    1st Cook on a 18.5

    First off, this is a great site. Very Welcoming, I'm glad to be here. Hello from Sacramento I had a 3 rack plan for this past Sunday, but I felt I needed to prime it Saturday Night. So I did the beginner chicken. Whole, Cut in half and smoked for an hour or so. Went great until I lowered the...
  2. John Solak

    Weekend Pics

    While the Midwest and Eastern states were getting hammered with snow and record temps we were in the desert enjoying sunny days in the high 70's.n The weather was perfect!!! I grilled some al Pastor tacos one night, (forgot to take pics) Pollo Asada tacos another night, and did up some...
  3. A

    My creations

    I cook for my family EVERY Sunday and it's ALWAYS on the grill: This was my second go on the Cajun Bandit. My DigiQ DX2 and Maverick ET732 took the guess work out. I'm new to dry rub and just bought some premade stuff from the store; however I did use some kiawe wood chips sent from my...
  4. A

    Smoke #2 for New Years Day

    So for smoke #2 I decided to go BIG! 3 racks of Ribs, 12 whole chicken wings, and some ABT's! I have been BBQ'ng and grilling for years with great success and now the WSM, I love how easy it is and the fantastic food I can create! Ribs on first Then added the chicken wings after about 2...
  5. Derek_Marsh

    New Years Eve Cook

    Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had a great 2013 and look forward to a great 2014! Not a lot of pics, but had to share anyway. Nice cold winter day here in Canada to get cooking: First off, getting the new performer all fired up. Just love the sight of this! Did some back ribs on the...
  6. J

    wife's 30th birthday feast!

    figured id give the wsm a full run for the first time and first overnight cook at that...was kinda nervous at first since it was pretty much all we had to serve at her party. ended up smoking 2 10 lb butts for pulled pork, smallish 7lb brisket (biggest one they had at wegmans), 6 racks of ribs...
  7. T

    Ribs & Chicken on WSM?

    I need help. I've tasked myself with smoking 3 whole chickens and 4 pork loin racks of ribs, St. Louis style, for a mother's day party tomorrow. I only have 1 smoke of 1 rack of pork loin ribs under my belt, as I just got my WSM a few days ago. For the ribs that I smoked yesterday, I used...