1. J

    Mystery Meat Chili

    I've got an excellent recipe for chili con carne from an old Better Homes and Garden Mexican Cook Book that I've made for years. It's not a "traditional Texas" chili by any means. Uses cubed beef instead of ground, and just kicks butt all around. Recently I was given a 4lb unlabeled vacuum pac...
  2. Cee El

    NIB Red Smoke & NIB Smoke Gateway-$70 each

    I have a NIB Red Thermoworks Smoke and a NIB Smoke Gateway for sale. Both were never opened, and never used. I’m asking $70 each, or $140 for the set. Payment via PayPal, please, or maybe CashApp. I am located in upstate South Carolina. PM if interested. Thank you.
  3. MMosher

    Heavy ash on pork shoulder - help please!

    Hi all, hoping for some advice or feedback. I pulled an allnighter in an attempt to have a delicious pulled pork lunch. My goal was to get a beautiful crust, so I did not wrap the pork at all, and I did not lift the lid for a full 7 hours. As you can see in the pics, there is some pretty heavy...
  4. H

    I think I smoked my board

    Hi all, Appreciate all and any of your help on this. I just finished assembling my HM 4.2 board (pi A+ version), some photos below. My pi works fine disconnected from the PCB, however once connected to the PCB it didn't power on anymore. Then I tried (without the pi connected) to power the...
  5. Michael C.

    Game time wings

    Great day for the LA teams, both the Rams and the Chargers shut out their opponents! Threw some seasoned hot wings on the mini me smoker. Used a mix of hickory and apple wood for the smoke. 45 minutes later, they were ready to eat. Great fall colors around here too :). IMG_0379 by flyboymlc, on...
  6. Michael C.

    1st time Onlyfire Rotisserie kettle kit Tri tip

    Weber charges $149 for their Rotisserie it, too much money me. Back in Dec, I bought the Onlyfire 22-1/2 Rotisserie kettle kit for $79.99 on Amazon. For the last several months, I've been hit with storm after storm, rain and snow, I haven't been able to grill much. Today, the weather was nice...
  7. P

    Rubbery Skin

    We have decided to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving - in preparation last night I did a test smoke with at 12+ turkey. Smoked at around 240 for 4 hours with apple wood The meat is great but the skin is rubbery - Should I expect this or is there an alternative
  8. Hayes_Y

    Results of my first WSM cook, lots of questions and pics

    Hi all, I posted this on an Aussie BBQ forum, but thought i'd also share my experience and ask for your feedback/advice here. here's what I did and the results marinated meats the night before - 1.5kg of Pork Neck using mustard powder, cayenne pepper, sweet paprika, truffle olive oil, pink...
  9. A

    VERY small brisket, need help

    First, I wasn't sure if this questions should go under recipes (I need one, don't have one) or grilling, or here at kettle grills so I'm posting it here because that is where I'll be doing my cook. I have a very small brisket, 2.85# and I want to cook it on my kettle. I have done some...
  10. C

    Interesting idea

    So, I have noticed that this charcuterie section is mostly about bacon, sausage, and a few other basic things that fall under this category. My experience e with charcuterie is a little different, mostly centering around pâté, galantine, rilletes and so forth. I'm curious to know if anyone out...
  11. M

    Michigan > Milford: Smoke Street BBQ

    This restaurant just opened in November (2013) and the food and service were outstanding on opening weekend! The pulled pork and sausage were out of this world good. Brisket could have used a little more smoke but was still good. Not a whole lot of world class bbq options in Michigan but this...
  12. J

    Jumbo Joe Smoker

    I sat on posting this for a few weeks because I didn't want to get into a debate about using Galvanized Metal in a smoker. This mod uses galvanized metal, and either you are afraid of it or not. If you are afraid of it stop reading now, and please no lectures on galvanizing smokers. I think I...
  13. Michael C.

    I caught some nice trout today!!!!!

    It was a great fishing day today! I caught some nice trout, at Jess Ranch Lakes, in Apple Valley, CA. The fish were biting pretty good today, I used Power bait, to land my fish. I decided to grill up three of them today. The rest are in the freezer, for a later day. I'm using lump charcoal, it...
  14. T

    Ribs & Chicken on WSM?

    I need help. I've tasked myself with smoking 3 whole chickens and 4 pork loin racks of ribs, St. Louis style, for a mother's day party tomorrow. I only have 1 smoke of 1 rack of pork loin ribs under my belt, as I just got my WSM a few days ago. For the ribs that I smoked yesterday, I used...
  15. Michael C.

    Holy Mackerel! Lots of Alder smoked fish here!!!!!

    A good friend of mine from work, went to the store over the weekend, he picked up a variety of fish, to smoke, using alder wood. Salmon, Mackerel, and some Milk fish. Brined 24 hrs, using a brine mix from Bass Pro Shop. Used Mesquite lump charcoal for fuel, alder wood chips, for the smoke. Took...
  16. Michael C.

    Orange wood smoked chicken thighs.

    Just a simple Sunday dinner. I picked up some thighs from the store, fired up the Weber, and used some orange wood for smoke. It took about 45 minutes for the thighs to be fully cooked. The Orange smelled really good, gave the chicken thigh a nice flavor too. Orange wood and chicken thighs...
  17. D

    Chicken and Ribs at the same time

    Hosting some friends on Monday and looking at smoking as much as possible in a single go. Have an 18.5 smoker Want to cook two beer can chickens and a couple slabs of ribs (using the 3/2/1 method more than likely). What is the best way to crack this nut? Meat placement suggestions also...
  18. F

    First time WSM use, baby back ribs (time to smoke?)

    Excited to smoke some baby backs this afternoon, and I'm being lazy by starting here instead of just researching myself. If I want to sit down and start eating around 5, any recommendations on how long to cook and at what temp range...I'm thinking 3 hours on the grill - close? Thanks in advance!
  19. Steve_A (Tatoosh)

    Hot or Cold, Wet or Dry?

    Well, I'm a newbie at smoking to be sure. And right now my favorite thing to smoke is bacon, followed closely by cured pork chops. And I did some of both today. Normally I give my bacon a few hours at least in the fridge to form a pellicle. Sometimes I am in a hurry and I cheat a bit by...
  20. G

    First Butt - Need More Smoke

    For Labor Day I cooked my first pork butt for pulled pork. It was just a small 3.5lb boneless since it was just for my wife and me (and kids, but they don't eat anything). It took 9 hours and was very good, but I don't feel it was smokey enough. There was only about a 1/8" smoke ring. Here...