1. CPine

    Hello from Denver CO

    Hello and greetings. Thanks for letting me join you all! I found you because I was restoring a 1995 Weber Performer and I had to replace the ash sweep/vent system and my model has the "ash bar" which goes over the middle and I just could not get the H washer on as well as the bracket. Well low...
  2. M

    Weber 22" Performer Charcoal Grill for sale in SoCal (Canyon Country)

    Asking for $225. Must be picked up. Bought new ($279 +taxes), used maybe 10-15 times. Great condition, have to sell because of HOA rules. Price includes Weber chimney starter ($20 value), remaining half bag of charcoal, the few remaining tumbleweed firestarters and lighter cubes I have, 3/4...
  3. Joel H in Brat City

    Homemade 26er cart build

    After seeing Robert R's awesome 26" Performer build I've wanted to build something similar - my cart is going to have more storage built into it, because I have too much stuff scattered all over my shed. Enjoy! Sketched it out first I ordered the steel from Speedy Metals - they cut...
  4. Scott Lester

    2015 Performer Find

    New to the site, but not forums. I am excited to join here! I'm a new Weber addict, purchased an Original kettle over the summer. That ignited the fever. After seeing post after post in FB of the Performers, I became envy of them and had to have one, but no way I was paying $450 for one. I...
  5. TomMc

    Hey all! Long-timer here

    I know I joined this forum a LONG time ago but can't find the username or login. I bought one of the OLD WSM 18's - the ones with no ash pan and no temp gauge in the top. Around the same time, I got a Weber Genesis gas. Later, I became infatuated with the various pellet grills on the market and...
  6. B

    Greetings from Palm Beach Cnty, FL previous of Boston

    I have been reading this forum for over two weeks and thanks to all of you for your contributions. :) I am in my first year of retirement and moved to my native town last year. It was step 1 of the big retire. Then I traveled for months and am now settled for a while. Doing all the things I...
  7. J

    Found a FREE copper ss performer under a tree

    Time to get to work. Frame needs some support Need dump pan Probably another lid although I will bang out the original. Super excited!
  8. C

    Advice please…..The search in progress for a Performer

    I've determined the gas assist Performer is the grill I need. However, I'd like to purchase "previously owner" to use at our cottage. It's been a lot of searching and not a lot out there. Which is probably a testament in itself for the Performer. Having said that, there's a CL ad for a...
  9. Cee El

    Honey shrimp

    Hi all, So a couple days ago, I saw extra large frozen shrimp in a local store. I didn't buy them. The next day, my wife is going on about how she couldn't watch a tv show contestant "head" shrimp because she thought it was disgusting. Okay. Later, while looking for something else to throw...
  10. Mark Barton

    Score! $70 off Performer Premium at Home Depot

    I have a WSM 18.5, and a generic gasser. Been thinking about getting the 18 inch Weber kettle, then decided on the 22 inch premium kettle. So I finally went to buy the grill today, and was shocked that Home Depot had the Performer Premium on sale for $279. It was a little out of my budget I...
  11. M

    GrillGrate + Kettle

    First week on the forum, beginner-intermediate level griller (Genesis Gold, Genesis E-310 Special Edition, Performer Platinum x 2, Smokey Mountain). Received GrillGrates yesterday for the kettle and would appreciate any advice. When preparing steak or chicken, I usually use the BBQ system...
  12. F

    Another Performer Deluxe 2015 Question

    I'm in the UK and considering buying a Performer Deluxe. From what I can tell, the 2015 version has a different lid bale that allows the lid to be nearly vertical, rather than the angled set up of previous years. Was there a new model number released for this 2015 version? This may help in...
  13. M

    Weber One Touch vs performer

    Weber Master Touch vs performer silver Is the small side table and cart worth the extra $100 or am I good with the 3 legs and use the $100 toward accessories?
  14. P

    Used performer ignitor

    Hi all! I bought a never used , used performer. I cleaned it up and am happy with it - the exception is the ignitor. The ignitor won't fire. The gas hisses, but no ignition when I hit he red button. Any ideas? It was left in the elements without a cover - Does it just need to dry? Please help!
  15. T

    Rotisserie Options?

    Two questions: 1. Are there any lower cost options to the Weber rotisserie for 22.5" kettle grill? Would love to get it, but my performer is at our vacation home and only gets limited use. $150 is too much for the amount I would use it at this location. 2. Are there ANY rotisserie options...
  16. C

    How to cook wings on Performer?

    Hi everyone, Just bought a new performer platinum and I want to try some wings on it. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to cook them? I assume you want to cook these really slow and indirect. Should I marinate them in advance? if so any tips? Thanks in advance.
  17. E

    Performer grill for sale, what is it worth?

    This Performer is for sale in my area. The seller says it's in perfect shape and without rust. I see some rust on the bottom wire shelf, damage on one of the wheels, and the grate looks pretty rough, rusty and bent. Would like some ideas as to what a fair price would be. They are asking $150...
  18. S

    Checking in for a bit

    Hey folks, I've missed you all terribly, almost as much as I've missed cooking on my favourite grill. Life has been busy, and I haven't been cooking much out of doors because we've got lots of snow and it's been -30C for way too long around here. I'm also in the middle of a complete rebuild...
  19. J

    Old WSM? - No "date" stamp on vents

    I saw what I thought to be an old 18.5" WSM (I measured) my brother bought some 30+ years ago in Charlotte or Chapel Hill, NC. I am pretty certain there was no mention of Weber on the smoker but it was missing its wooden handle (rotted off?). It has early Weber-like vents with "stop-tabs" in...
  20. A

    Changing the Guard

    Hello, I wanted to add some pics of the transition. Today I used my new Performer for the first time and wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forum. Since I started on the forum I learned a lot and developed tastes I didn't know I had.. So from the lowly cinderblock diy and...