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  1. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Replace The Propane Regulator in a Summit 450 Gas Grill

    It's so easy, it hardly warrants a video!
  2. Bruce

    HOW TO: Paint a Weber Genesis Frame

    WHAT: This HOW TO will show you how I paint my Genesis grill frames. This does not cover prepping the frames or anything like that. That is a whole other discussion. I am just showing you the method I use to actually paint the frames. WHY: I have painted approximately 100 Genesis frames...
  3. Bruce

    HOW TO: Cook Box Frozen Bolt Removal

    WHAT: This is a How To on one method of removing the frozen bolt in the cast aluminum cook boxes of various Weber grills. WHY: The cook box mounting bolt as well as the manifold mounting bolts tend to corrode due to aluminum and steel being in close proximity to each other. The dissimilar...
  4. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Replace The Regulator In A Weber Genesis 1000 Propane Gas Grill

    UPDATED 9/18/20: A demonstration of how to replace the regulator in a Weber Genesis 1000 propane gas grill.
  5. Bruce

    HOW TO: Weber Q1xx and Q2xx Regulator Delete

    WHAT: This is a How To on bypassing (replacing) the regulator on a Q grill for use on a bulk propane tank. WHY: The regulators on Weber Q grills are notorious for dying, making noises, malfunctioning and other problems. Replacement regulators typically cost $50 or more for a new one. This is...
  6. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Gas Conversion

    Over the past few years, we have seen more and more people refurbishing vintage Weber gas grills, and along with this comes an increasing number of questions about gas conversion between liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG). In the old days, Weber would sell you the parts needed to convert...
  7. R

    HOW TO: Clean Up the Axle

    I actually painted a couple of axles and bought one. Now I do this. I look like Michael Jordan playing ball while I'm cleaning axles :) Man I must be bored today.
  8. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Restore The Weber Emblem

    WHAT: This is a How To on how to restore the emblem on a Weber gas grill lid. WHY: To restore the emblem to like-new condition. WHAT YOU NEED: Basic tools like straight-blade screwdriver and needle-nose pliers Stiff bristle brush Solvent like lacquer thinner High temp gloss or semi-gloss...
  9. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Clean The Outside Of A Weber Genesis Gas Grill Lid

    WHAT: This is a How To on cleaning the outside of a Weber Genesis gas grill lid WHY: To remove built-up grease and grime, returning the porcelain enamel surface to its original shine. Note that this cleaning process does not remove white spot fading that sometimes develops in the porcelain...
  10. Bruce

    HOW TO: Remove Cook Box Slide Rail Screws - The Easy Way

    WHAT: This is a How To on removing the slide rail screws on the older Genesis cook boxes that have corroded in and typically wind up being twisted off. WHY: It is extremely difficult and time consuming if not impossible to get these screws out without twisting at least one or more of them off...
  11. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Cleaning & Lubricating Weber Gas Grill Valves

    Thanks to LMichaels and this thread for motivating me to shoot this video and fix my own sticky gas valves.
  12. Bruce

    HOW TO: Weber Burner Cleaning

    WHAT: This is a How To on Cleaning Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes WHY: To bring back the even flame and performance of your gunked up Weber burner tubes. You really only need to clean up the burner hole area, but I do the whole top of the tubes for my flip grills as it makes them look more...
  13. Bruce

    HOW TO: Clean The Inside Of A Weber Genesis Gas Grill Lid

    WHAT: This is a How To on cleaning the inside of a Weber Genesis gas grill lid WHY: This is not normally necessary for a typical cleaning on a Weber gas grill. It would be for someone looking to restore their personal grill or rehabbing a grill for resale. It really makes it stand out against...
  14. Bruce

    HOW TO: Weber Frame Cross Member repair

    WHAT: This is a How To on replacing the frame cross member on the left side of the fire box on Genesis Silver/Gold and 1000-5000 WHY: This part of the frame is a problem area that attracts substantial rust due to being next to the fire box heat. The rust is centered around the bolt area that...