HOW TO: Clean The Inside Of A Weber Genesis Gas Grill Lid



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WHAT: This is a How To on cleaning the inside of a Weber Genesis gas grill lid

WHY: This is not normally necessary for a typical cleaning on a Weber gas grill. It would be for someone looking to restore their personal grill or rehabbing a grill for resale. It really makes it stand out against the myriad of other used Webers for sale out there.

o Weber Genesis gas grill lid
o Single sided razor blade scraper holder
o Single sided razor blades: 100 Pack or 10 Pack
o #0000 Steel Wool
o Cleaner like Simple Green

Here is a quick video I did while I was cleaning up the lid on my latest rehab/flip grill.

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Nice video as usual Bruce.

I usually do the same steps but the last couple lids I did I sprayed them first with Dawn Power Dissolver and let them sit for 10 minutes then the grease/carbon came off so much easier. Still used the razor scraper but it comes off in a "goo-like" substance almost like using paint stripper on wood.

I'm going to give this a try tonight, Bruce! I have been going at it with a painters tool scraper and oven cleaner, but the single blade will definitely clean it up much more. Thanks for the video!
Great video. My Genesis has the curved lid and until now I had been using plastic scrapers with the endcaps on. I'll have to try your method for next cleaning! Don't need flakes falling in the food.
I love using that razor blade scraper. I am using it on kettles as well. Works great on all the porcelain enameled surfaces. I also use it to clean the inside of the cast aluminum sides of the lid and the inside of the firebox.
Thanks again for the great video on cleaning the inside of the lid. I wish you had done that video last year! The one rehab I did last fall involved a plastic scraper which didn't work too well. I spent hours and only got about 90% off the lid. My son was still overjoyed with the Christmas gift of that 2007 Genesis LP e-320. It was his first quality grill. It has received heavy use this year. Over the weekend, I picked up a razor scraper and just did it on the blue lid I am now using. Got ride of a decade of God only knows what in about 15 minutes. I did not remove the endcaps, but was able to knock off any flaking scale with a wire brush. Also cleaned up the inside of my old black lid before storage. It worked great on that one too and I'm still on the 1st razor blade.
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Thanks guys. On some lids, the carbon scrapes off really easily. Other grills, it is built up over a full 20 years of hard cooking and is burned on like super glue. It will all come off with the razor scrapers and some steel wool, but some lids and different areas on the same lids are much harder to scrape and clean up. I suppose a lot has to do with how the grill was used and what was mostly cooked on it over the years.

Good luck and good grilling.