genesis 1000

  1. Brant

    Control panel 8xxx- number meaning?

    Hi all, pleasure to be part of such a friendly, knowledgeable group. What do the 4 digit numbers on the lower left control panel mean/designate? Are these numbers model specific?
  2. Busty Manchow

    Weber Genesis 1000 LX and Genesis Silver B... I have them both, now what?

    Howdy Everybody! I was hoping some of you more "seasoned" (lame pun) Weber folks could advise me on what I can do to get the most out of having both of these grills. Both grills are the 3 burner models, with the Silver B being all stainless. They are both natural gas and work fine. I own a...
  3. S

    Redtop in south Florida

    Hi, I found this There is a redtop there for $40 and as of noon July 22 it is still available. I'd have grabbed it in a heartbeat but I'm traveling without my truck. If you or anyone is in South Florida go grab it!
  4. DanHoo

    Survivor: patio edition.

  5. FilippoC

    Genesis 1000 Blue restoration

    Hi All! I’m very impressed from a lot of restoration that I saw in this forum. I bought and old Weber genesis 1000 in Blu for less than 100€ and now I’m dig in a restoration project ( for sure I would not reach levels that I saw 😢). Apart from the huge amount of grease inside the box it look...
  6. C

    First Genesis 1000 project

    Well this turned into a labor of love. Something about bringing back the dead that makes all the scraping and time worthwhile. I've done a lot of refurbs but this is definitely the most I've put into one. I wouldn't say that I went ALL the way to a full refurb, but its going to be an awesome...
  7. R

    Genesis 1000 Restore | Green 1998

    I just recently completed my first restoration of a Weber, specifically this 1998 Genesis 1000. It was something that I never realized that I wanted to do until I saw this thing sitting on craigslist. It was a really fun project to do, something to tinker with for a while, especially during this...
  8. J

    WTB - genesis 1000 right side end lid cap

    Hi all, Unfortunately, my restoration of a genesis 1000 has been derailed when one of my side panels to the lid went missing. Any chance someone might have an extra they’d like to part with? Also interested in a swing table, if any of those are around!
  9. M

    Bars for rehabbing? Prefer low cost, for flips.

    Is there a source of inexpensive bars for early (Genesis I and 1000 series) gas grills? I don't really flip grills usually, but I have an extra that I'm going to want to sell. It needs bars. I don't want to spend $40-70 on bars and then sell the grill to somebody for $100, but I haven't seen a...
  10. J Grotz

    Genesis 1000 Redhead Restoration

    First of all, thank you to all the Gasser Forum denizens that freely share their knowledge and experience so that a person like me with no experience with tools could start and finish a project like this. I got hooked last summer browsing the Gasser Forum seeing all the beautiful Genesis...
  11. G

    Looking for a real nice Weber Genesis 1000 3-burner control panel.

    Hello. I am looking for a Genesis 1000 3-burner control panel in very good condition for a restoration project I am finishing up. The original was full of micro pits, so it does not shine at all (I even tried some 0000 steel wool on it, to no avail). The project looks beautiful (it's a...
  12. MarkSiebel

    Weber Genesis 1000 1999--RED *RESTORED* #3

    Weber Genesis 1000 1999--RED *RESTORED* #3 BEFORE/AFTER!!! Each one gets easier!! Tiger Maple for top table slats/Redwood fold up table/Douglas Fir handle--NO stain!!! Only 2 coats Spar Urethane This one's going to SANTA!!!
  13. J

    Genesis 1000 Fans - your restoration project is calling you!

    :redgenesis1: I grabbed a Genesis 1000 from the curb of an unloving owner. This grill is complete, minus the flavorizer bars. One of the Valves was broken, but I have the brand new Valve. Pics are available, AND I will deliver it within a 25 mile radius of Wilmington, MA. This is your chance...
  14. Bob Ivey

    Genesis 1000 Redhead In Orange County Calif.

    Craigslist Link Just saw this redhead on Craigslist. I just got one but this would be a great rehab project for someone on the forum. Good Luck. Only $25.00. Someone has to get this.
  15. Bob Ivey

    New Family Member (1996 Genesis 1000 Redhead)

    Been looking for a while and found this on CL for $55.00. Did minor cleaning to see how it works and cooked some chicken last night. Overall it works well. Now real damage but will need some parts and major cleaning and painting. Seller said he replaced the flavorizer bars last year but...
  16. A

    Genesis 1000 redtop for sale

    My recently restored redtop is for sale, I just got a sweet deal on a 10 yo Genesis Gold C with a side burner so I decided to let the redhead go. I am asking 150 bucks for it, it comes with a rotisserie (used twice), a NG conversion set and an empty gas tank. The CI grates look like new, new...
  17. G

    Z brackets for Genesis 2000 tables?

    Any ideas on where to find the steel z brackets that hold the Durawood slats? My are completely corroded.