Redtop in south Florida



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1-t.jpg Hi,
I found this
There is a redtop there for $40 and as of noon July 22 it is still available. I'd have grabbed it in a heartbeat but I'm traveling without my truck. If you or anyone is in South Florida go grab it!

Doug Randle

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Oh wow! Just saw this….. I’m close and that is what the only Weber I ever bought new looked like. Ever since the frame died (after several patches) Now I look for Used to rebuild, but down here I’ve always looked for the platinum models with SS frames.

Jon Tofte

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I hope you can snag that one! Yes, I used to live north of WPB right near the water. I loved my SS Platinum for that same reason.


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Yep, that SS Platinum is the king of the Silver/Gold/Platinum series of grills.

Doug Randle

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Yeah I’m pretty proud of the finds, the Genesis was 200 used and the summit was free
after rebuilds about 600 total parts in both


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