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Thread: Ruined Chicken - Woody Breast Syndrome.

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    I bought a few pounds of chicken once that were so bad I threw them out. That’s no joke. Before I found the Bell and Evans, it used to be hit and miss. I went through the phase where I thought it was the way I cooked it. Then it just became obvious, it was the chicken. Best bet is to find a more naturally grown bird supplier. Worked for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMichaels View Post
    You're kidding right?
    It appears to be a real thing, but I've never encountered it. It's probably a result of them breeding chickens with larger and larger breasts (that's me with no real knowledge of the situation guessing).
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    We went to Sanderson's Farm chickens because of no enhancements or preservatives and no sodium added. Mostly thighs for us and whole chickens for the SRDs (spoiled rotten dogs) we haven't had any woody breasts. I always snag a piece of the breast when Barb cuts up the bird for the SRDs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffB View Post

    Not sure what's funny about this post. I'm just seeking information from others. Please elaborate on what bemuses you...

    Carry on and thanks for the "real" responses.
    I'm sorry the way you posted the question comes off as a "joke" or "prank". If it's not than please elaborate exactly what you're asking about. If you're asking about white meat turning out dry and tough well that is simply error in cooking. Specifically over cooking it. If you cook breast meat beyond 165 it turns out badly. I always cook white meat to 155 to 160 and allow to rest so carryover brings it to desired doneness. i have never had a bad result doing this. And I don't buy anything special. Typically whatever is on sale. Though I do tend to like products like SMART Chicken so when I am shopping at a particular store in my area and I find I need some chicken it's my "go to" product and I typically buy the organic version of it. Otherwise if I am at the regular market I simply buy their store brand so called "all natural" as it's cheep and performs as intended
    Beyond this please explain

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    Here's a link I posted up thread in case anyone missed it:

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    I had run into this situation a bunch of times in the past and looked into it. Even though they are not sure exactly what most article pointed to the quick development of the CB causing the problem and it did seem large CBs tended to have the issue. Since then when shopping I always look for packages with smaller pieces and have not had a problem. Just my two cents on what I have found.
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    Cut them in half so they aren't so thick,quicker and easier to control internal temps to keep from drying out while reaching temp,skin on skin off? most of my chicken mistakes were due to over cooking vs the bird its self,its easier to blame the quality of the meat than the cook lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeCantell View Post
    Cut them in half so they aren't so thick,quicker and easier to control internal temps to keep from drying out while reaching temp
    As I read the article linked by Bob C I learned it to be an issue with the breast meat itself that no cooking method would resolve. It was an interesting read.

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    I have found that any breasts I buy from Publix has this problem. Harris Teeter and Krogers do not seem to have the problem - at least not my experience.
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    In our house we follow Rich,and Bob, thighs and drums are all we buy, breast are hard to cook without being dry. Plus dark meat just has more flavor.
    I may had this problem but thought it was poor cooking on my part.

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