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Thread: Giving my grills a rest

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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Bob Correll's Avatar
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    Giving my grills a rest

    Howdy gang!
    It's been a rough New Year for this old boy.
    I'm all good now, but the first 10 days had me down with an upper respiratory virus that damn near put me in the hospital.
    I do have some cooks to post, maybe later today.
    Meanwhile the grills will be chilling for a few days with 9" down and they say maybe 3 or 4 more coming.

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    TVWBB Diamond Member Len Dennis's Avatar
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    Hoo boy, you got yours AND our share of snow. Although it's darn cold here (-13C , 8F), there is no snow.

    BTW, that's our pointsettia from LAST year starting to put out those beautiful red flowers and to the right, my Carolina Reaper which I'm trying to over-winter.
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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Rich Dahl's Avatar
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    Glad to hear you're felling better Bob. We haven't done any grilling in weeks just to cold for my old bones. Using our Indoor Weber a lot instead, trying a lot of new recipes with it and our cast iron pans.

    [IMG]100_4362 by Richard Dahl, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]100_4129 by Richard Dahl, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Cliff Bartlett's Avatar
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    I was beginning to wonder about you Bob. Thought you had some lingering problems from the spill you took over the holidays. Sorry to hear about your latest ailment. Hang in there and get better. Looking forward to seeing your cooks.

    PS....... You must have been really sick because those "damp" conditions shown in your pic's would never shut you down under normal conditions!
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    Glad to hear you are doing better Bob. Down here in Houston we are battling frigid 67 degree conditions today. The Performer will be serving up some steak fajitas tonight.
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    Glad you're feeling better. Looks like you're getting the brunt of this snowstorm. Only 4-7" expected here between now and mid-day tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing those cooks.
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    TVWBB Hall of Fame Bob H.'s Avatar
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    Bob, don't try to shovel all that white stuff!

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    TVWBB Pro Lynn Dollar's Avatar
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    Weathering snow like that , makes the first warm days of early spring even more special. Can really appreciate the change of seasons.

    Glad you're feelin better.

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    No one have tarps to cover their grills ? Bob, good to read that yer good now.

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    Stay healthy, Bob.

    I fought some upper respiratory illness myself of late, but not as bad as yours.
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