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Thread: Rehabbing a grill for personal use

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    Well, I would check to make sure the hood is actually going down all the way in the front and that something isn't out of whack on the lid.
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    Where and how smoke exits a grill is very dependent on air currents where the grill is installed. If I get a north breeze it blows right into the back opening of the grill changing flow and exit of smoke and such. Pushing it out the front a little and out the sides. This is not a "defect" in design. Smoke and heat HAVE to exit the grill somehow or the grill will either melt down or the food will be ruined by the taste of burned food residue and over smoking which makes it taste like the inside of a chimney or an exhaust fan hood. Not "Good Eats". Just change your grills orientation

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    That could be what is happening. Ill change the orientation then. Thanks.

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    Don't know about the Silver B, but on the older Genesis, the wall at the back of the firebox is lower by a half inch or so than the sides. The bottom of the lid is the same at the back and sides, so the smoke should come out the back unless as mentioned the wind is blowing into the back of the grill.


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