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Thread: Letting your steak/roast come to room temperature

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len Dennis View Post
    You must be referring to "the cap". I find it's the tougher part of that cut BUT also has a ton of flavour (and when cut "properly" on your plate, is a great piece of meat).
    IFthat part is tougher, then something is going wrong somewhere. The muscle is the Spinalis Dorsi and it's the second most tender muscle on the carcass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Y View Post
    A good sear is a function of moisture. Cook your steaks within 5 minutes of salting or after 40 minutes (even overnight in the fridge.). Between 5 minutes and 40 minutes the salt causes the surface of the steak to be moist, thereby reducing the ability to sear.
    Reference -

    Totally agree with that link, Russell. When I get a thick expensive steak, I always dry brine it overnight on a rack in the fridge. Seems to work great. The reverse sear also seems to get the best result: Cook the steak indirect until it reaches about 115 internal, then take it off the grill and rest it while you build an afterburner-hot searing fire. Blot any moisture off the surface of the steak and paint it with a thin coat of vegetable oil just before you start the sear. It should take no more than 1-2 minutes per side.

    Thanks for that link.

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