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Thread: Smoking On The WSM With No Heat Diffuser

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Mark View Post
    No, not flipping at all actually but it doesn't seem like a bad idea. Just be careful not to keep the lid off for too long so the grease doesn't light up.

    I cooked two butts this way over the weekend for a pre-Thanksgiving gathering of about 30 people. I have been smoking butts for this gathering for at least 10 years but this is the first time that I did them for this gathering without a pan. Multiple people told me that it was the best bbq I had ever done and several said best they ever had at all.

    That settles the debate for me and I won't be using a pan again for butts, ribs, or chicken. I still may try a pizza pan with a bunch of holes drilled in it at some point to see if the lower rack can be usable.
    Thanks! Doing it this weekend!

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    Hmmm....I've always done Drumsticks and Wings on the top rack of the 18.5 with nothing down to the coals...I find that rack temperature can get to 300+ no problem. It yields a better skin finish and flavor. You can always lower the temp back down by closing the vents on the bottom...I never out water in the pan. I make a foil catch tray with 2 pieces of aluminum foil and a folded over seam...I've never thought to do a butt that way, but you must get a congealed mess of ash and fat (almost a saponification reaction for you chemists...) in the bottom when you are done. But the thought of that meat juice flavoring up with a tasty steam of fat and grease sounds delicious!
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