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Thread: Another Charity Project: Restoring a Genesis S-310 2013-15

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    Great work on that restore, sure makes me glad that rust is not allowed in Arizona
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    Mr. Tofte,

    Your grates could with alot of effort look like these too. De-greaser soak a second ez-off soak and alot of scrubbing should get down to this. Grate on the right has only been scraped with aluminum foil and a wood grill scraper in 5 years. Also did the top warming rack (you can see parts where I gave up for comparison) I bought some carbon-off brand gel that i'll use on the other side of grate next time and some older stainless/copper pans the wife uses.

    Maybe if I did this yearly it wouldn't be so bad.

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    i learned from someone on this forum and now i use a water heater pan to soak my grates and then use a SOS pad to get the bad stuff off. it works very well you can clean the grill while your grates soak. i used that POR 15 on my S 310 bottom panel and sides it worked great but yours was much worse than mine was. love the stainless panel that is a beauty.

    nice job keep the photos coming.
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    Progress Continues!

    Well I was in a little bbq contest yesterday. Lots of fun and even came home with two first places in pulled pork and beef brisket. Anyway I have been working on parts on my Genesis S-310 restore, and today I put some of the major ones together.

    Here is the firebox with new burners and heat deflectors:

    Here is the chassis with my restored sides and grease tray holder and custom made stainless bottom and back pieces:


    A big improvement from before:

    Still need to work on the hood and then those awful grates. Thanks for the encouraging ideas! I will keep on working as time and no more daylight savings time allows. I will post more pics when progress continues.
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    looking good there.

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    Yah, I think the phrase "Better than new" actually applies here.
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    Impressive rebuild, Jon!

    I've burnt out many parts on a CNC burn table myself, and you were very fortunate to have access to such components.
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    That grill is coming along great!

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