stainless steel

  1. Mark Minich

    After stainless flavorizer bar upgrade: Hazy grey-black discoloration on meat

    I've used my Weber Genesis grill for several years with no problem. Other than cleaning the grill's internals once a year, it has required no other maintenance until this year, when my flavorizer bars finally rusted through. After researching, I decided to replace them with stainless steel bars...
  2. Bruce

    ***Weber Unicorn Alert*** SS Platinum Conversion from Shallow to Deep Box

    OK, I had been talking about doing this for a good year and had been thinking about how to do it the whole time. I took this as a challenge as it has been attempted by others and talked about by many more. I wanted to give it a shot and try to do with as little cobble jobbing as possible. I...
  3. A

    Suggestions for Stainless Steel Hardware for grill restoration

    Hello all! Been learning a lot from this forum for the last 6 months or so, waiting to move into space with enough room to do a restore of my own. Two weeks ago, I gained a garage, and yesterday, after a few hours with rusty nuts and bolts, got my redtop Genesis 1000 from 1993 completely...
  4. J

    Found a FREE copper ss performer under a tree

    Time to get to work. Frame needs some support Need dump pan Probably another lid although I will bang out the original. Super excited!
  5. Jon Tofte

    Another Charity Project: Restoring a Genesis S-310 2013-15

    Hi everyone! I am finally finding a little time to start a restoration project. A few months ago, I picked up this sad looking Genesis S-310 for $75 on Craigslist. It is no more than 4 years old, but the original owner wasn't into cleaning and it was well exposed to our treacherous South Florida...
  6. Frank Seel

    Stainless Steel Hardware

    I have re-started my Genesis 3000 restoration project, and want to replace my original hardware with Stainless Steel hardware. I have seen a couple of comments about the benefits of the upgrade, but I'm not sure where to get the parts. Are they available in a package? Or do you have to buy them...
  7. J

    Multiple Pizza Screen Tower Help

    Hey all! I'm a big fan of Kevin Taylor's BBQ Guru jerky webpage where he uses pizza screens to smoke several trays of jerky. It can be challenging though to juggle several screens at once though with rotating jerky around, and especially lifting the stack of trays out of the WSM. I've been...