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Thread: My thoughts on Weber's Charcoal

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPlachy View Post
    Did anyone else get an email from Weber offering a free 4lbs bag? Interested in getting it and putting up against KBB.
    Yes, some of us did.
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    Why is the amount of ash left over a concern?
    going back a few months to the question raised by Charles near Dallas....
    less ash = less clean-up
    less ash makes it less possible for the coal embers to get snuffed out by the surrounding ash during long slow smokes. I know, that's sounds crazy, but it does happen.
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    I've used this three times now, and I like it. I hate the price, but I like how it runs.
    I've used it on my Performer twice, and last weekend on my Smokey Joe. Good burn times, and it still seems like a lot less ash than KBB.
    Still not going to make this my go to bag, but I might keep a small stash in the garage.
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    I'll be checking our Lowe's and Home Depot for Weber's charcoal. Our Home Depot is notorious for extreme markdowns, so if this charcoal doesn't sell, look for a major markdown. Heck, I got an 18.5" kettle from them for $31.00 - new in the box.
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    I've got 6 ~18lb equivalent bags (8kg is the biggest they sell in the U.K.) in the garage ready for when I'm through my current bag of Weber Lump Charcoal.

    Here, the price is 12.99 for the 18lb equivalent so working out at 14.60 for a bag that would be your size (~9kg). That comes in at just shy of $19 so it's good to know from our U.K. perspective that we're not the only ones paying high

    I bought mine end of last season for 9/$11.50 so if you like it, pick it up in bulk at the end of the traditional q season for a steal

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPlachy View Post
    Did anyone else get an email from Weber offering a free 4lbs bag? Interested in getting it and putting up against KBB.
    Yup, already put in for mine.

    I like the Weber charcoal. Like other pure hardwood, it burns hot, but with the larger briquettes you keep a lot of burn time. Unlike Kingsford Professional, it will also burn low and slow (K-P just wants to go hot and fast for me). I like KBB, but I do think the Weber stuff is better. I don't think the Weber stuff is 4x better, which is the price difference between the sale price of KBB and the normal price of Weber. If the Weber stuff ever goes on sale for $0.50/lb instead of staying at $1/lb, I'll stock up. Otherwise, it will pretty much just be a "sometimes" charcoal for me. I won't rule out keeping some on hand, but it's just too expensive to use all the time.
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