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Thread: Time to start planning for WSM Smoke Day 11

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    Pensacola/Panhandle/South Alabama guys interested in a Smoke Day?
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    It's been so long since I fired up the mini or 18.5 WSM I don't know if I'll remember how to do it. Lousy winds and rain for the last month and a half here and no end in site.
    At least with the rains no fire restrictions yet, so come Hell or high water Barb and I will smoke something on smoke day.
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    I'll be smoking on the 24th.....having a big party for the holiday and for my birthday. Pretty excited.

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    I'm in. I'm not sure what I'll cook yet. We are planning to have a couple of friends over for some good food, a few too many drinks, and a fire in our new fire pit out back, weather permitting. Good times!
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    We will be doing some ribs this year, I think

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    Trying to get back into the Smoke Day groove. We'll be camping at the Aspen group site in the Rock Creek campgound near Tom's Place, North of Bishop, CA. I'm bringing pork ribs and will go BRITU style. My camping buddie is talking about pork loins, so that may jump in the smoker also. We may experiment with working on some chicken. and will definitely smoke some ABT's. Have a nice holiday everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyUK
    I won't be able to make the 23rd of May.....
    Can I place an entry the weekend before.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Allingham View Post
    Yes, of course. You can cook anytime leading up to Smoke Day or shortly afterwards and share your experience with us!
    Not being able to take part in next weekend's Smoke day, (back to work today for 28 days), I would like to to enter my Smoked Beef Cheeks. (Just wanna be a part of this year's smoke day).

    Thanks. And everyone have a great WSM Smoke Day 2015.
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    We're watching the weather here. They're forecasting storms for the holiday weekend.
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    Brisket, Texas style. Plenty of salt, pepper and mesquite (and beer).
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    We have great weather forecast for tomorrow, and I picked up some baby back ribs a little while ago. The grocery store has a coupon vending machine at the entrance which I always ignore, but at my wife's suggestion I swiped my card and got a coupon for $3 off a $20 pork purchase - obviously an omen!
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