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    PSB Substitute Ideas?

    Hello everyone, Been away for a bit - wife and I lost our minds and decided to both attend Masters programs and adopt a baby all at the same time. :) Question of the day - I've got my 3+ lb Chuck roast, green peppers and onions, but no stouts in the fridge. I do however have some miller lite...
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    A Little Lost With the New Toy

    I imagine that's like my dilemma. I have an 18.5 and my buddy has a 22.5 WSM. The 22.5 seems intimidating, but it's really just more charcoal, and more real estate like the others mentioned.
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    To much fat on that BUTT?

    Fat cap off completely, AND the false cap underneath - it all gets in the way of awesome bark. Plenty 'o fat inside. Although you're getting advice from both ends of the spectrum - try it both ways side by side to see you preference.
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    Cashew and/or almond crust?

    Thanks Tim, sounds great! I'll have to try that!
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    Cashew and/or almond crust?

    Hi everyone, I picked up a pork tenderloin on sale and wanted to try something different. Anyone do a chashew and/or almond crust before - on a pork tenderloin or otherwise? If so, I'm assuming you chop it up fine and maybe add some other stuff to it? Or is the cashew salty enough by itself...
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    Rotiserie - rolling pin???

    Thanks john and Len - turns out the motor didn't work out of the box. I hope amazon gives me a full refund since I've been holding the rotiserie in a box since Xmas time.
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    Rotiserie - rolling pin???

    I know I should have messed with the rotiserie before the day I'm going to use it, but.... Anyway, the parts look pretty straight forward, except the rolling pin looking deal. Anyone know what that's used for? Counterweight? I didn't see it in the instruction manual that came with the...
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    Is this a performer accessory?

    Thanks Rolf. Any substitutes worth exploring?
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    Is this a performer accessory?

    The one to farthest left - is that the rack I see some people use on the kettle to get more cooking space? If so, where do I purchase one?
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    Bacon wrapped something

    thanks for the ideas everyone!
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    Bacon wrapped something

    Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of cooks lately where I wrap a boneless skinless thigh, stuffed with cheese and green onion in bacon. We love it every time, but I was wondering what else could be wrapped in bacon (dinner-wise, not apps) and work out with the time required to get the bacon...
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    Smokin' cheese

    My smoked cheeses have come out great, really gotta look to notice a color difference. I think you'll be good. Just make sure to wait at least a week...2 would be better.
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    Pulled Pork Tacos

    Very nice, I also like to change it up and do pulled pork tacos with leftovers, although my tacos aren't nearly as elaborate as yours. Love it when the pulled pork hits the hot pan and that smoke smell starts filling up the house!
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    Chorizo Oaxaca

    Love me some chorizo and egg tacos. I do the same and just slap it on a warmed flour tortilla. Great pairing with Bloody Mary in the morning.
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    Looking for a Kingsford sale

    Last year HD did their sale around Easter too, although I missed it.