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    Aaron Franklin style Turkey

    This recipe is highly adaptable to chicken breasts as well. Good job!
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    NIB Red Smoke & NIB Smoke Gateway-$70 each

    Updated-$125 for both, which includes shipping. Takers? PM me. Thanks.
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    NIB Red Smoke & NIB Smoke Gateway-$70 each

    I have a NIB Red Thermoworks Smoke and a NIB Smoke Gateway for sale. Both were never opened, and never used. I’m asking $70 each, or $140 for the set. Payment via PayPal, please, or maybe CashApp. I am located in upstate South Carolina. PM if interested. Thank you.
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    EX4 at Lowe's San Jose, but not on the floor

    Lowe’s uses outsourcing for assembly now. Traveling assembly teams go around to each store in the district based on need. Unless there’s a BBQ Enthusiast in the store, most associates probably won’t know what they are.
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    Pellet fuel discussion

    The Weber pellets are arriving at Lowe’s. I was in the local Lowe’s right at opening time Tuesday, and wandered over to the grilling aisle to kill some time. I noticed a pallet that looked like pellets and decided to be nosy. The young man in the department saw me looking and offered to check...
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    Cyber Monday ThermoWorks Deals!

    Thanks. I pulled the trigger on a Smoke and Classic Thermapen in red, and a Smoke Gateway! Now my wife can stop asking how she’s supposed to tell if her (way overcooked) chicken parts are done.
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    How about a wifi/bluetooth controlled, charcoal gravity grill?

    I watched the video and got really excited, and then I watched the Facebook live video and came down a little. I still think it’s cool. I emailed the company inquiring about it. It’s innovative if nothing else. I’ve owned a pellet grill and sold it already. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I...
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    Rib Glaze

    1 can of Jumex Mango Nectar 1 heaping tbsp of brown sugar 1 squirt of honey (3-4 seconds) 1 tbsp of lemon juice 1.5 tbsp of sriracha Whisk together and reduce until it forms a glaze. Be careful not to burn. I just used it on a slab of St. Louis ribs. It was fantastic!
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    Thank You - Prayer Works

    That’s great news!
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    Kingsford (Original) or Kingsford Professional is there really a difference?

    The Lowe’s near me cleared it out a few months back. I bought all they had, about 8 bags. That’s the only reason I tried it.
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    Prayer Request For My Wife Sara.

    Prayers to you and your family!
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    Kingsford (Original) or Kingsford Professional is there really a difference?

    I caught a sale on KP and bought 8 bags or so, and I loved it. I used it in my kamado in place of lump, because lump had inconsistent sizes and kept giving me temperature spikes. It’s not as ashy as KBB in my humble opinion, and it burns hotter.
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    P.d.t.'s sourpuss lemon chicken marinade

    I used this today with a couple of slight tweaks. I used green onions (all I had) and doubled the jalapeño, cooked it down, added the lemon juice and a tbsp of lemon pepper seasoning, then blended it and marinated six chicken thighs overnight with it. I put it on my Vision Kamado with the...