You know you're getting old when...



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when you know what this is about. lol



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I have been lucky enough in my time to actually see Ella Fitzgerald WITH Tony Bennett in concert! Live. At Ravinia in the north suburbs of Chicago. Gotta say it don't get no better

Bill Klinke

The passive unlock only unlocks the driver door. Though with the control panel you can set it to do what you like. Pretty soon wife will have Conceal Carry. She's a very nice woman but the temper can be a bit wicked. So pray for anyone stupid enough to try her :D Especially if she's armed LOL. Hoping soon to have both daughters, wife and son in law all CCW capable.
As for the "old" portion. What it you remember cars having a starter "pedal"? And how modern they were when a button was placed on the dashboard. Then it progressed to to how far you turned the key and now we're back to the button LOL. Maybe we'll get a pedal again soon
or the cars (chryslers?) that had push buttons on the dash to shift....

Bob Correll

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The 1958 Edsel had push buttons on the steering column.
A childhood friend of mine had an uncle come through our small town transporting a carrier of brand new Edsels. My buddy and I laughed when we saw where the buttons were located.