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I’ve visited the forums, read a ton of recipe sites & watched videos. I’m so envious of new owners of 18” smokers because of the resources with step by step instructions. Can anyone recommend any sites offering similar for the 14? Or, even a book with significant portion to cooking on the 14?


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Less space for charcoal and ash too.

I've been cutting rib racks in half, but going by the general cook times, temps, and methods mentioned all over the internet for full racks, irregardless of what folks are cooking on. I put both halves on the top grate.

Learn the minion method, I been using it for all my cooks, I can get roughly 8 hrs for a load of coals.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Judy, James has it right, take the 18” theory and simply reduce it.
I have used the old “Sidewinder” Minion method attributed to Enrico Brandizzi, set up the smoker with a full charge and light one side. I set it up so the fire marches from the door side to the back. It’s worked well for me.

Donna Fong

The 14" is very similar. I do keep a few things in mind when using it. The fuel runs out faster so if you are doing a long cook, you have to check it sooner. But unlike the other models, instead of opening the door to refuel, I often just lift up the middle, fully loaded with meat, and top it off. It is a little tricky but easier for me. I cook two butts (or two briskets) on it no problem. The only thing that is hard is that you can't fit a whole rack of ribs.
My experience on the 14 is very positive. For me, the crust ends up much better on the 14". I think the reason why is the meat fills the chamber to a higher percentage so there is just more moisture in the chamber which enhances crust and smoke ring development. I love my 14". Best of luck to you!
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Timothy F. Lewis

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Donna, you have brought up some extremely good points. The volume filling with product and that correlation to air chamber size makes me think I really need to do MORE!

Donna Fong

Thank you Tim. I probably only notice because the air is drier here in California than much of the rest of the country. It might not make any difference out where you are or where Judy is. When I cooked on an 18" in Chicago, the crust was gorgeous without much spraying. We did everything the same so my best guess was the humidity. And you can artificially achieve higher humidity in a smaller smoker.

Anne M.

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Don't look at is as if you are missing out.
The 14" is pretty portable and is great when cooking for a smaller crowd.
It also hardly uses any charcoal.
And another great thing: If you use the water pan and you need to fill is halfway through a cook, you just lift up the whole middle and top section, instead of bothering with filling through the door. It's not heavy at all :)
(and now I see, Donna mentioned this as well)
And you can take the 14" with you on holiday, or where ever....

Having said that, there are some good remarks in the posts above on the smaller size etc

Brett Fields

I have all three sizes. My 14 is what gets used most for family dinner. It'll cook a complete meal for 4 with no problems. ...meat, sides, etc.

Kristof Jozsa

Another 14" user here - I repeatedly cooked on it for 8+ people with ease. It works perfectly and is so easily portable... love that cooker!

Bob H.

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There is just one thing wrong with my 14 right now. It's not in Florida for the Winter, and neither am I......