Would Like Your Opinion on this WSM

Rich Dahl

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I’m going to be listing this WSM and cart shortly. I have no idea what I should ask for it.
Any thoughts you might have as to its worth I would appreciate.
The WSM is in excellent condition.
The cart I just replaced the cedar boards that the WSM sits on, I’m including the tank.


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J Grotz

Lately in SoCal the 18's are generally listed around $200. With the cart I would think you could ask $300.

Michael Richards

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I just picked up my first two Webers used this spring and I have been looking at a lot of them. I am with J, an 18 WSM in the great shape that your is in the PA/MD/VA/WV area is right around $200. With the cart and the side burner that would increase the price. There was another WSM 18 with a pitmaster IQ for $275 on this site recently out in CA. My guts is with J and KE. I would start at $300 and not take less the $275. Good luck selling it keep us in the loop, this is a super cool piece.
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So I bought, and flipped a 18", no cart. I paid $80, with cover. Looked like it had never been used.

Held it for two weeks and posted it for $200. It was gone a hour after I posted it and I had 4 others that wanted it...

Rich Dahl

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I listed it on CL yesterday for $300, so far only one scammer has replied via email. Wanted to send a friend over to get and would send him with a money order. Of course once their gone and I find out the MO is bogus and there is nothing I can do.
Funny I told him send his friend but no MO I only except cash, haven't heard another thing.

Michael Richards

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Thanks all for your input, it only took 12 days but the second one that saw it bought it for the $300 I was asking
Congrats that thing was a beauty. I hope it gets used and appreciated. The guy I bought my WSM off of from marketplace recently messaged my wife and asked how I was doing with it and if it was getting used.