Worth it?

I have had every size over the years and they all have their place. I currently have a 22WSM at home and an 18WSM up at the cabin. My dad and brother both have 18WSMs. They are great cookers!

Richard Garcia

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I bought my WSM 18" "Classic" new off Amazon in the year 2008 which was delivered here in the country of Costa Rica in perfect condition. Although this WSM has served me well over these last 10 years or so I now primarily use my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) fitted with a SlowNSear unit for most of my grilling and smoking needs. I find the WPD fitted with the SlowNSear Unit more convenient due to the propane charcoal ignitor and ample metal table space.
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How’s that 18 working out for you?
I have a 22 and often thought I should have gone with the 18.