WORDLE - the latest thing

Got it done on the fourth guess today, but to be honest, it was a little bit of deduction and a whole lot of luck. The "share" option is gone though. Any idea on how to get it back? I've seen it come and go on occasion before, but it's not popped back up yet.
This is the most addicting game I’ve played in a long time. Thanks for posting. I’ve got most of my family playing and sharing scores now.
First time I have even done this. Yep, I'll be back tomorrow. It took my daughter looking over my shoulder and she said it was rewatching the umbrella academy last week that made it click for her.

Wordle 219 5/6

Solved it with only 17 seconds left on the clock before a new game!!! I was stumped! My brain is fried.

Wordle 219 5/6

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