Winter grillers

I'm in the high desert so what you describe is common here too. I still cook outside in the Winter but not as often as in the past. At 75 years old, the old bones don't do well in the cold. Using a multi-channel digital remote thermometer greatly reduces the time spent outside.

This past Christmas I cooked the turkey indoors for the first time in many years, but I can remember doing it outside in the midst of blizzard like conditions more than once.
Welcome Pablo.

Winter in No. Cali can vary. Today was cool and sunny and a perfect day to smoke some turkey

Looks like it was 48.

I cook all year round here in the U.K. and I know lots of other BBQ enthusiasts here that also cook all year round.
I cannot bring myself to cook meat indoors, often to the wife's annoyance. The exception being the Christmas turkey which went in the oven!

The weather here is not as extreme as some places in the U.S. (or Costa Rica) but we do get a lot of wet, dismal, cold days in winter.
Before I built a cosy BBQ shelter I would cook on the patio under a parasol.
We do, but had a first last night after 17 years here. Temps in the 40's, but wind actually blew out the 3 burners on full tile in pre-heat. Caused a delay i getting our steaks grilled. After relight, highest temp was 500 degrees. Steaks came out good with the help of my Thermopen One.
The cold is one thing but blocking the wind is important.
We're getting a blast of snow this week followed by some below zero temps.
Should be fun.
At 75 and with my meds I put all of my grills into hibernation after Thanksgiving except for the NG E320 which is up against the house under a solid patio roof in case we need an extra oven. I just get too cold, and it takes me hours to warm up again, just not worth it.
But I do miss it.
For the next couple of months, it's instant pot, slow cooker and one pot meals.
I really need to build a cook shack! Trying to light the charcoal with the winds howling and snow pounding down took longer than normal. But it all turned out good!
Who grills, sears, and smokes year round?
4” of fresh snow this morning and coming down with the winds at 20-30mph. It was a cold one. But I needed to get dinner going anyway.

This is midway through, about 5 hours in. After I cleared all the snow around the patio.
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My grills get year round use in northwestern Ohio, at least when I'm not working overtime. Besides, nothing like lighting a fire during the wintertime warm your soul.
Usually winter grilling is not too much an issue with the WSK and running outside on the deck down to about -20C is usually OK, but it's going down to -37C this week, so no frick'n way...we been babied by such a mild winter so far, that the -30s we are seeing this week we have not had time to acclimate to like normal...blood is way too thin still for this!