Winners: 2019 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

Chris Allingham

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Congratulations to the winners in the 2019 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing!

Join Me at Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ Pitmaster Class
Tom Dickerson, Olathe KS

Weber 22″ Master-Touch Charcoal Grill in Deep Ocean Blue
Nic Carmosino, Cleves OH

Pat LaFrieda USDA Prime Black Angus Bone-In Rib Steaks, 50-Day Dry-Aged
Donald Howell, Middleburg FL

Creekstone Farms USDA Prime Whole Brisket, 14-16 Pounds
Robert Knarr, Berlin NJ

TVWB Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
Jim Lampe, Caledonia WI
RD Harles, Oshkosh WI
Paulius Butkunas, Livonia MI
Coleman Mathews, Escondido CA
Alan Springle, Morrisville NC

Please watch your email, I'll be contacting each winner.

Best regards,


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Chris, these drawings are so much fun even if you don't win. THANKS!!!!!!


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Chris have you signed up for the Harry Soo class? I’d like to join that if possible.

Chris Allingham

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The winner has been contacted but date is still TBD.

Pat LaFrieda steaks were ordered today for the lucky winner.

All five TVWB bottle openers were shipped today to winners.

Have not yet reached the kettle winner or brisket winner.

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Thank you Chris!
I was unaware I was a winner... I opened my postbox roadside to find an envelope from you...
Then opened that envelope to find a head scratcher.... then I thought.... did I win this in the Christmas drawing??


Thank you again! I'll use it tonight.

Jason in CA

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I Just realized I didn'tt congratulate the winners.


And as always, thank you Chris for everything you do.


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Thanks Mr. Allingham and everyone else, the steaks arrive in perfect condition.

Hi, just curious. If this is your first post, how did you enter the contest?
Never mind. Just reread the entry post. lol
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