Wings on the Smokefire


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Those look amazing. Details, please! Haven't used my IP in a while and I think this might be just the ticket to get it back into action.

Scott Quimby

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This is pretty much a recipe now, sorry forum rules.

Overnight marinade in Frank's wing sauce and butter. I then boil the marinade for basting the wings on the grill. 4 minutes in a high pressure Instant Pot session, natural release. On to the Smokefire at "smokeboost" so it's between 160-220 kind of randomly for a while, probably 45 minutes. Crank the heat up near 300 for a while to brown them. Bath in more Frank's and butter. The instant pot ensures that there will be no meat sticking to the bone. I did 8 minutes the first time and it was too long. You could do 5 minutes. No salt or other seasonings added.
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James J

Nicely done!
When I first saw the Instant Pot, I didn’t know what to think, but your explanation makes since. The result speaks for itself!