What's the best method to sharpen knives


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Just wondering what you guys do to sharpen knives. I use a simple hand held sharpener that you pull the knife through, but they still dont get as sharp as when they were new. I was thinking of getting one of the electric sharpeners but do they work for the cost and can you ruin a knife on those??
I'm like you , I use the hand sharpener. I have an oilstone that I drag out once in a while , but I don't have the patience for that anymore. Chefs choice makes some well reviewed electric sharpeners and I bought one for my son and his wife. I want to try it out and see if it works well , but I've read good things about it. I think it's pretty hard to ruin a knife on one of those as long as you don't hold the blade in one place too long. I'll be curious what everyone thinks , I do like a good sharp knife.

Here's a link to the one I bought my son

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I have long been a fan of the Lansky set up. It takes just a few minutes to put a PROPER and VERY sharp edge on most any knife from a pocket knife to a large Chef's knife.

I use the Apex aswell. http://www.edgeproinc.com/ A really solid product. A bit pricey but hey. Electric sharpeners will prolly do the job..But it depends on the set angels.(and what knife you have) And they generate some heat that might ruin the steel.(the hardening)

If you spend the money on knifes that will last you a life time then i would recomend a good sharpener aswell.
I'm Lansky user myself.....the Apex system looks like Lansky on steroids!!

I may have to give this a try........I like having sharp knives!!
So when using the Apex how much practice would it take before I feel confident enough to use it on my expensive knifes???
It may not be the best but I use Forstner knives and a Chef's Choice to sharpen them. It's quick and easy and I don't have to fret about having everything just so.
R. Paquin: I volunteered to give the family a sharpening. Afther that i know what im doing :cool:
Have a problem with really thin blades...They tend to flex alot. But my knifes dont have that problem. And ppl @ work want me to sharpen there knifes....Soon i have to get paid for it. :confused:
Wolgast - have you sharpened any Japanese Steel blades using the Edge Pro? I'm looking to upgrade my current knives and want to get some VG10 blades but am a little nervous that I won't be able to maintain them properly.

I have worn out a Spyderco set, and I'm on my second set. I use it on both "western" kvives, as well as my right handed Masahiro knives.
In addition i have a electric rotary wetstone, the old- fashion type, that I use about once a year.
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I know the post is about sharpening knives, but sometimes just aligning the blade with a steel is all that is necessary. You would be surprised what a difference an aligned blade can make.
I have a $5 Arkansas whetstone that I use about twice a year. Uncle sam taught me how to use one when I was in the Army. It must work,because Pammi is always complaining about cutting herself afterward! I love her,but she has REALLY bad knife skills!
I used a stone for most of my life until Cook's Illustrated suggested a Chef's Choice 4023 manual sharper, bought one off of Amazon and haven't looked back. Can do Asian as well as western. Simply pull and push the blade back and forth through the two slots, one for median and the last one for fine tuning. I also use a steel each time I cut with the knife, with about 5 strokes each side. Easy to use and easily done quickly and often if need be.............................d