Weber pellets on sale $8.49

Lew Newby

TVWBB Wizard
The yellow tag used to mean clearance and they wouldn't be getting more. I wonder if that is just for that store. They're $16.99 here.


TVWBB Olympian
The Lowe's website shows them on clearance with an "add to cart to see price" banner. But they are also showing as sold out, so you can't add them to your cart. :unsure:

Rich G

TVWBB Gold Member
You sure you have enough, Bruno (says the guy who is sitting on 160lbs of inventory....) :)


Jon Tofte

TVWBB Hall of Fame
My wife laughed at your shopping cart. She has already chided me for the many bags of pellets I have. I got several hundred pounds of pellets that the guy who sold me his Rec Tec had bought. I have yet to use all of that up not to mention the ones I have bought.

If any of our Lowes would have had that price, though, I would at least have grabbed 4 or more bags of the Grill Master Blend. All the Lowes around us show $16.98 a bag. For that I will keep using up my inventory including untried blends from Lumberjack and Bear Mountain. Maybe one of those will turn out to be as good as Grill Master. I did note that one of the bags listed the same blend of ingredients that Weber uses in its Grill Master.