Weber Original Charcoal Pizza Oven (Weber Part No 6520)

wow. what's the advantage of using the WSM rather than a kettle? you find you get enough air flow?
Oh yeah, tons of airflow :) I made great pizzas before I came up with the disk as the lid. The disk made it so that the top of the pizza cooks evenly with the bottom of the pizza. The KP cost me $150 and the disk cost me just under $50 (shipping included on both)

Don't get me wrong, you can make great pizza in a kettle. I like fire roasted pizzas, and fire is a little tough in a kettle
Got it! I ordered the Weber 6520 at noon on Tuesday from It was delivered by UPS at the door Friday evening at 6pm. $214 total.

Here's a ref for everything you would ever want to know about great pizza dough from Jeff Varasano who has a restaurant on Peachtree Street, Atlanta.
Been a while since I've been on board.

Glad to see that others are able to get and enjoy the 6520. Got mine December of 2013. I don't know how many pizza's we've had since then...

Weather permitting, we have at least one session every week.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looks like you all have it pretty well handled.


Finally got around to giving this thing a try. Here is 1.0 results. Got to say, thought I was going to sell this on ebay, not so, it's a keeper. Top bubbling, very happy.

So how is the weber pizza oven going? How quickly can you cook a pizza and get the top brown? Thx much.
I would also ask, has anyone tried both the Weber pizza oven AND the kettlepizza? I would love to see a side by side comparision. Probably won't happen but would be nice. I think I am leaning towards the Weber pizza oven but I keep going back and forth.
What is the consensus? Is this thing worth the cost?

I believe so but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Is the Weber Pizza Oven available in the states? (link please)

No. You'll have buy from overseas.

So how is the weber pizza oven going? How quickly can you cook a pizza and get the top brown? Thx much.

It takes about 4 - 5 min for the first one. Slightly longer for each subsequent pie.
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