Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

Looking great Steve. Quite the inspiration to keep these early grills in nice shape. Love the attention to detail.
Thanks, but it's a sickness really. Just the few things I did represent about six hours of time and effort. I still wasn't happy with how the grates looked for example, I spent a couple more hours on them last night. Now they do look like they are new. I know a lot of people aren't big fans of the stamped stainless steel grates, but I like them and they aren't cheap for the Weber ones. I didn't want to spend a hundred bucks if I could make the old ones nice again.
I get it about making the grates all nice and shiny, but a few cooks in and they won't be....but at least it will be your "seasoning", and not someone else's crud.
Exactly Bruce, that's my biggest hangup with that although my own grates never get that crusty either.
Mine do..... LOL

BTW: Thanks Steve for reminding me that I left the grill on after my dinner cook tonight to burn off the crud. It got a GOOD burn off. About and hour in high. But, even after that, I think I am due for the angle grinder and wire brush.