Weber Family Portraits

Rusty James

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Yes, just now, Chris, and thanks for the detailed image.

After trying your suggestions, the only link that takes me to the first unread post (for this thread) is "Weber Family Portraits".

With that said, after I sign-in, the "View This Thread" link takes me to the first unread post too. Otherwise, that link takes me to the start of the thread. For what it's worth, I do not save cookies after I close my browser.

So, I guess the bottom line for me is to click on the large font link to see that latest postings?

Chris Allingham

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You want to click on the link for the post title, e.g. "Weber Family Portraits".

Most forums use cookies to keep track of which forums and posts you've visited. You're sacrificing some functionality by deleting forum cookies when closing your browser. If there's a way to avoid doing that, you might want to consider it.

J Grotz

I finished the redhead a few weeks ago and I modded the cart for the WSM 22 this past weekend. So now I have two functional Webers and two non-functional Webers in need of restoration (WSM 18 & Genesis 1000 black).

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Dave in KC

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Genny is likely destined to be a parts grill. But that 18 WSM
looks like it is a door away from being a decent cooker.

Kelly C

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I believe in using them. Plan on giving some to our sons when they move out to “get them started”. Wife will be glad to see some grills and smokers go.

Joel H in Brat City

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I'm going to do my "Weber Family" as well as my grill family - Weber Family first.

Here's my 93 Genesis with a new JJ "side burner" mod with Mastertouch mod. I also have my 18 Performer and 85 G code NOS go anywhere - yeah gotta love "Weberitis".

Here are all my rigs together

Here I also have my Saber 3 burner SS and Louisiana Grills LG700 pellet smoker - both super solid cookers.
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Brad Olson

Wife will be glad to see some grills and smokers go.
BTDT. My Weber collection is still in the single digits (I think), but I also happen to have a weakness for vintage Lawn-Boy mowers and from time to time I get asked if I really need all of them. Well...yeah, I do!;)

Brad Olson

Beats me, but don't let it keep you from trying!

Chesters is a new name to me - I'll have to keep it in mind for a road trip sometime. Thanks!