WEBER CRAFTED Rotisserie Skewer Set

I have a similar model made by Napoleon, I have had it for several years now, probably half the price of the Weber.
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My Weber roto skewer set is all stainless steel and well constructed. Easy to mount on the spit as you do not have to “thread” the spit thru it. It mounts on the spit rod and has a latching system. I have not compared to other brands construction. And yes seemed a bit pricy, like a lot of BBQ stuff is these days.
Might be a stupid question, but can these new rotisserie accessories - baskets, skewers, etc. - be used with the kettle rotisseries?
Might be a stupid question, but can these new rotisserie accessories - baskets, skewers, etc. - be used with the kettle rotisseries?
Not stupid at all! Excellent question!!! Can someone answer this one?

I just looked at the actual Weber blurb, they say it will fit the 22” kettle rotisserie. Yippee! But, $73.00? I don’t kebab that much.
I've used it twice on a 22" kettle. I followed a recommendation from the comments on the Weber website to attach it to the rod before putting it on the grill, which worked much better. I did a simple batch of wings (wings with an Italian marinade) and they came out better than they do when I just grill them. It does save a lot of time, since you don't have to stand there turning them. I think I will be using it a lot.


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Thank you to everyone who answered!

Yeah, these are a bit pricey, but if they work well, I might give them a shot as a birthday present for myself. Luckily, my birthday is in July, so I'll keep an eye on others feedback between now and then.
I purchased my set from an authorized seller on Amazon last April. Upon prepping for 2nd use, a welded-on nut snapped off while tightening one of the brackets onto the main spit. I called Weber, provided proof of purchase and received a new one within 10 days. Was able repair the original set with some high heat cold weld from JB Weld from Home Depot (can tolerate temps up to 550F.). Has performed reliably, ever since. I really like these because the skewers are flat, instead of round, which helps prevent food from rotating freely once skewered.

This is my Amazon review:

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Funny, I was just thinking I wish I got this instead of the rotisserie basket. The fine mesh on the Weber is nearly impossible to clean. After soaking and dishwasher, I have to wire brush the remaining crust.
Yeah....that's a deal-breaker. The less nooks and crannies on stuff the better.
Mine did the same thing. I put in a riv-nut in the broken one and silver soldered the other one for good measure. It was easier for me than making the phone call. YMMV