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Chris Allingham

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Member JRPfeff created a very cool Excel spreadsheet that indexes all of the recipes from all of the Weber cookbooks—almost 2000 recipes!

I know some of you are going to find this very useful! Thanks to Jim for putting this together!



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Just a comment. Jim was kind enough to send me this in September and with four Weber cookbooks, I use it on a regular basis. The fact that you can sort by almost any parameter makes this a great tool. Jim put a lot of work into this and it shows.
HoleySmokes! I was gonna print this... butt i think i'll just refer back to this link:rolleyes:

Thanks a bundle Jim!
and Thanks Chris for posting it!
Thank you for all the positive feedback. I enjoyed putting the spreadsheet together and it became a passion for me once I got started.

Chris and I have made a deal. I will update the spreadsheet to add Weber's Recipes of the Week and Chris will occasionally update the link.

If anyone has suggestions to improve the spreadsheet, such as additional fields, let me know.

Great, now I'll have to buy the darned recipe books to see the recipes. Seriously though good job.
Great, now I'll have to buy the darned recipe books to see the recipes. Seriously though good job.


I've included the recipes available at in the index, including hyperlinks. There must be close to 250 by now. You can filter the index by recipe source to show just those recipes.

Thanks to Jim & Chris for creating and posting the program, it's a great aid for those of us who have many of the Weber recipe books! Just a note, for those who may not have a software program that will open this, you can download the FREE software suite OpenOffice right here - it's compatible with Microsoft Office and you can't beat the price! (And, BTW, I have NO financial interest in this product, other than endorsing it to fellow TVWBB members, based on my experience with it!)