Weber 37" Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill new for $799

Jon Tofte

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That is pretty amazing. Those are the leviathans of charcoal grills. I would bet it takes time to get good at cooking on that much real estate. The very early version of that grill, back in George’s :george: day, looked like a flying saucer that just landed!

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Bill - MO

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If you are patient you can find them in the $500 range for the current gen. If you find one with the wider opening side grates it is even better. Sometimes you can find the motherships in the $200 to $300 range as well, but they sit lower and don't come with a lid bail. I have seen someone modify a lid bail to fit a mothership though. I have a current gen and it is pretty awesome. I use it for family gatherings and some events where my wife volunteers me. Sure for some of these deals I could probably just use 2 or 3 kettles, but everyone enjoys seeing the fire breathing dragon of a grill coming out to play.

Stefan H

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In the past two years I have only seen one of these behemoths offered for sale in my area and it was offered for $999. I have even never seen one in a store either.

J Grotz

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I’ve wanted one for years but, I can’t justify it anymore. I don’t do big bashes where one would be useful.
Me too. We used to host 40+ people at 2 summer parties and Super Bowl. Now, summer get togethers are no more than 8 and Super Bowl barely hits 20. The big bashes are too much work; must be getting old.

J Grotz

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But, you’ve got some awfully pretty flatcoats, they could eat a full charge off a Ranch!
Thanks! You are right about flatties. One year, our first flattie, having never counter surfed before, cleaned off a small kitchen island full of hors d'oeuvres without making a sound while the extended family was in the other room opening Christmas presents.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Yep, the second day I had my (beautiful, sweet, smart Lab) she was quite happy and wiped out everything on a coffee table. Lost her to a bad deal with an old girlfriend, I sure miss the dog!

Bob Correll

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Had a used one, purchased for $350, sold it a few years later because it wasn't getting used very often.
Sold it for the same price I paid.



Those are $1400 retail so if you are in the market, that is a really good new price. I have one and absolutely love it. I don't do as many really big cooks as I used to but I did cook for 25 for Thanksgiving and will do the same for most holidays. I also do a lot of cooking for the week or longer. I'll cook up a bunch of chicken, burgers, tenderloin or whatever and divide for the week or vacuum seal and freeze for later. I work 11-12 hours a day so it's not as fun to fire up the grill on weeknights.

Bill - MO

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When cooking for a group of 10+ the Ranch is just a lot of fun. Yes, it is huge and you can obviously cook a lot of food all at once. However, where it really shines is zone cooking. Having so much grill real estate allows you to cook this directly, that indirectly, some just in a warming zone, and switch it up easily. A lot of times I don't even bother moving food from one side to the other. I just grab a charcoal rake that I keep handy and spin the whole top grate with ease. The only real downside to it all is the clean up since you don't have one touch sweeps and the grease doesn't seem to drip out of the kettle as easily since the bowl is flatter.

The $1,400 retail price doesn't seem all that ridiculous really when you realize that it is a 3 foot wide rolled steel (all others are stamped steel) kettle with stainless steel grate. I paid $600 for mine if I remember right, but it was in pretty good shape and had the wider side opening grate. I would recommend it to anyone who can find it at a good price and have the space to keep it.