Wally World Charcoal Selection

WM update today, no sign of any "Expert Grill" lump, just the charcoal briquettes. Two unopened shrink wrapped pallets of Cowboy & for the first time ever, there was some B & B lump & Briquettes.


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I bought a couple different flavors of the Expert Grill briquets a couple of years ago. They did a decent job but the smoke when starting them was almost like burning old tires and if you smother them out, they get too crumbly to reuse. I'm using the remaining couple of bags as a base when firing up the Santa Maria or when just cooking up a few quick burgers, dogs or hot links. Will definitely be trying their lump now.
Plenty of these down here in Tikoland for around $35(ouch!) which is a 9 kilo bag and since I never have burned the Weber Brand curiosity got the best of me:rolleyes:


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This is back now too. Three days ago it was this low, then an onslaught of orders they put it back to full price. As of 10 minutes ago it is back.
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I picked up two bags when Walmart had them for $9.97, and I used this to cook a butt yesterday on my 18" WSM. The butt was cooked at 250 degrees, went on at about 5:30 a.m. and came off at 9:30 p.m, or about 16 hours cooking time. Here is the remaining charcoal today. I was impressed, wish I had bought a few more bags.
Picked up a couple of 16 lb Cowboys (hmm..) so thanks! Latest bags of KBB have been super smokey so will give Cowboy a try.