Vacation Rental Grill


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
We all have stories of the grills that we have been subjected to at a vacation rental. Condition, brand, cleanliness, no grill at all, etc......most of the stories aren't good. Well, I'm on a beach trip down near Castroville, and imagine my delight when I pulled the (very nice after market) cover off the grill and saw this....

Clean grate? Check! Clean bowl? Check! Ashes removed from bowl and catch tray? Check! I brought my own grate (because of previous experiences), but didn't even need to use it! Much gratitude to the owner or manager, who puts some importance on providing a nice grill!

First night we dirtied up the grill with some tri-tip, halibut, and artichokes.



Rented a house in the Outer Banks several years ago. Went to check on the grill- it was horrible! The grates were nothing but rust, and the grill brush had nothing left to it- the bristles protruded from the plastic about 1/16". I wasn't going to cook on it. Many of the vacation homes are managed by rental companies, and this one was also. Made one phone call to the management company... about an hour later we had a brand new 18" Weber and a new brush!
That's nice, and some great cooking too. On a ski trip back in January. We planned meals ahead and weren't expecting to do any grilling. Didn't know until we arrived, but there was a PK on the deck. 😳
Thats a awesome meal Rich. Someone was on the ball checking the BBQ's. Hope your beach trip was great.
Gotta find something for my better half above to do as she is now always one ahead of me on posts.
Anyway, nice cook and a wise thing to do by taking an extra grate along.