There is a disturbance in the force.


C Lewis

Interesting, but not enough for me to switch over, I'm very happy with mine. Looks like they may finally be doing something with that damned "+" button though.


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Personally think it’s an easy way to get further away from the disaster that was the launch. They HAVE to stay In the pellet market, like it or not pellet smokers are going to be in backyards everywhere for a long time.

Lew Newby

Weber has overhyped the Smokefire from day 1. As an owner, the beefed up internals are what's important to me. I doubt that this will put to rest the predictions of a Generation 3 with major design changes - but---. Doesn't this signal that Weber is going to stick with their initial design but make incremental mechanical and software improvements?


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Is that a taller hood for larger/fuller top rack. Space for trays? Good idea. Fix the sparks, fan and grease issue and finally a world beater

Don D.

My humble opinion: Weber beefed up the internals, added some simple features which they didn't do to begin with ie. Light, better casters, but kept the actual body/frame the same to keep costs down in the "new" model. This model debuts with the better software and firmware which I think they were testing on us when they tried to launch them on 1/4. At least the software is working (for some at least) Next will be an EX4 premium, and then they'll drop the original EX4/6. Hopefully we'll get the newer better internals when our rusts out within the warranty period. They're staying in the pellet business like Bruno said. Weber fans will have a Weber gas and a Weber pellet grill in their backyards and be faithful to the Weber brand. Just my .02

Don D.

I'm so happy that when I got the grill cover I was able to get the "Premium" one.


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I love the chrome/stainless trim on my Gen 2 EX6. So, nothing to get too excited about.

Now if the light can be transferred....I’m interested in adding. Winter especially, it’s dark when I’m cooking.


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Now if the light can be transferred....I’m interested in adding. Winter especially, it’s dark when I’m cooking.
Unless I'm just too stupid to know how to keep it clean the interior light on my Recteq RT-700 is useless; it gets covered with smoke just like everything else inside the pit, even during a single cook after cleaning it.

I prefer using a stand-alone light, which has the benefit of being much brighter and illuminates a larger area. The Porter light I'm currently using is not available but if I were buying one today I'd consider this:


Jon Tofte

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Yes, I can speak from experience that the Recteq inside light does get smoke and grease all over it in one or two cooks. I appreciate that Recteq at least included it at all, though. Their solution is that they made the lense easy to remove, and it is dishwasher safe. If you do that every cook you are good.