ThemoPro's best instant read thermometer on sale for $39.99 - 1 Day Only


Jon Tofte

TVWBB Olympian
I have posted several sales run by ThermoWorks, including some great deals on the new ThermoPen One. I have one of those and also this ThermoPro TP620. I like them both and tend to alternate back and forth between which one to use. I guess the competition is heating up. For just today, you can get the TP620 for ten bucks off the regular discounted Amazon price. Things I like about it:
  • Large, bright LED display (much brighter than the Thermopen One)
  • Easy to replace battery (AAA)
  • Easy to hold grip
  • Magnet to attach to your grill (which the Thermopen One does not have)
  • Quick (but not as quick as the Thermopen One)
  • Solid build (although the Thermopen One does feel even better)
  • Sharp appearance (not that this matters much, and it is obviously a matter of taste)
  • PRICE!!!! (Especially with this deal!)

Rick P

I have enough instant-reads, but I did share the link with my sister-in-law, who I've been bugging to get a decent thermometer.

Thanks for sharing!


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I really don't need another one. But that is a great price for a great product.

A Lee

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These are $33 CAD (25usd) on canadian primeday today. I already have a Javelin Pro, but i bought one to use as a spade.