The Yakitori Challenge


I'm glad I nominated you, just having viewed the pictures of your yakitori tour-de-force. You totally crushed this Challenge!
Looks great Tony. I know the rest was great. Besides, this is about your 4th thread on Yakitori. I know as I studied them all before I did mine.
If anyone here is nominated and for whatever reason is not able to present his cook, he/she should be able to transfer the right to another member? I think, should choose another member who wants to continue. This will be benefit us all.
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My apologies.

I didn't get a complete cook. Did this meal today.


Late post. just came across this
Nice set up..
I have been using the brick method with binchotan in my kettle for yakitori I lose a lot of grill real-estate. I like your set-up.

What are you using for your Konro to suspend the skewers, looks like angle iron?
I can tell you, there is not one cook on this thread that I wouldn't eat. Everyone, give yourselves a massive pat on the back!

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