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Hey Gang!
I have just printed and built one of these

I have a slight issues with my servo/case, in that it won't shut completely at 0% fan.

I have tried adjusting the servo. But as soon as it is powered up, it jumps 'open' again.

Made we wonder if it was designed to be slightly open at all times



It was not designed to be slightly open.

Best procedure IMO is to start with lower uS setting at 1000 and upper uS setting at 2000 (the defaults). Follow these steps ...

1) Remove the top disc from the servo, along with the horn by removing the screw
2) In manual mode on the heatermeter, set the fan speed to 100% (Fully Open)
3) Re-attached the top disc with horn onto servo so it is positioned to as close to fully open as possible.
4) If necessary, adjust the upper uS number up or down to exactly 100% open.
5) Set heatermeter fan speed (output) to 0%
6) Adjust the lower uS number so the damper is fully closed.

This sets your servo in the middle of it's bandwidth, which is the safest position.