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  • Hi. I saw your post re the heatermeter.
    Im in Melbourne and interested in one of these. I see you can put these together. How much for a completed unit with wifi?? Im primarily after a wifi temp monitor, but would like to ad a blower later on .
    Kind regards

    Tom Pirola
    How you going. I have a few HM 4.2.4 latest with 1 thermocouple and 3 food probe inputs in a black case. I'd be willing to send you a complete system to include

    Heatermeter in case with Rasp Pi B, and wifi dongle, tested.
    Power Supply
    Adapt-a-damper fan/servo unit (with fan and servo. Ready to use)
    1 Thermocouple probe for pit control
    (you'll need to source the food probes. either Maverick or Thremoworks will do)

    Since I know it's tough to source things here in Australia, I'll let it all go for $250 AUD.
    Send me an e-mail, and I can send you some pics

    Hey mate. How goes it? So what type of HM do you have there? I was looking at the auber site for a unit but it would be great to get it locally.
    Looking forward to some good cooks.
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