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OK. Here we go. I will do a drawing for the 1st 10 responses to this thread. The winner receives, at no charge or shipping, SN 001 of the Aluma-Damper pictured above ( the red one). The anodizing is great, but the dye job has something to be improved upon. I'll call it a 2nd on finishing, but that , in no way effects it's performance.

The adapter fits a BBQ Guru fitting, so if you want to adapt to something else, it's up to you to devise a fit.

Cheers, and good luck!
Looks killer. In for the drawing
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Considering I just melted my adapt-a-damper while running my WSM at 400, I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring :)


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Got the aluma-damper in the mail today, thanks WBegg! My bbq guru adapter needed a little TLC to accept it but it is a super nice upgrade over the 3D printed one. It looks way nicer in person, the red looks great.

Got it set up for Friday where it will undergo it's first long cook in its new home. I'll post up in the live cook thread when I do that.


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That got there quick. USPS surprises me. The adapter fit on my Guru adapter, but I have found that there is a bit of difference in OD from batch to batch of those.