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Just out of curiosity, what would one be willing to pay for an Aluma-Damper? Wanting to know demand/price so I can work out some numbers for fixturing and if it's even worth the time to do so.

Also, I may be doing a drawing soon for an Aluma-Damper give-away. I really want to get one into a forum members hands to try out.


Just my speculation, without a servo, plug, etc....just the Al parts

A lot at $75. To me that would be an expected price for a mass-produced commercial one.
Probably some takers at $100-150 for limited production hand made
Very few at $200 or up.

Or I could be wrong....

Id probably pay $100. I probably wouldnt pay $150. Thats my frame of reference.

What I found is these printed plastic cases and things really aren't that sturdy.
My heater meter case has been broken and it was not abused... It might have suffered one short fall onto a wooden deck. It is cheap thin brittle plastic.

And my damper has been warped by heat from being too close to a chimney, and I now need to replace it too.

Better constructed cases and dampers would make these items seem less cheesy homemade and More in line with what a commercial product would be expected to be like. Lifetime durability cases....not things needing replacement again...and again. 3-4x cost of cheapo version is fair.

Even a group buy of injection molded case /damper of more durable polymers might be attractive.
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So, I've decided to do an Aluma-Damper drawing/giveaway. Over the next few weeks, I'll make a video of just what I'm giving away. I'm doing a burn-in right now for an 18" WSM, and adjusting settings to get it close to the very unit I'll part with. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Here's the post for the burn-in. An unmodified 18" WSM strait out of the box and assembled as per instructions, with the Aluma-Damper I plan on donating.
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