Superbowl Theme Meal - Georgia Pulled Pork Tacos and Boston Baked Beans


John Sp

TVWBB All-Star
Hello All,

For the SB this year Kari and I decided to do a theme meal featuring foods from the areas of Atlanta and Boston. I will be making Georgia Style pulled pork (loosely based upon this recipe). I am also going to do a pot of Boston Baked Beans (a first attempt for me - which I'm thinking might 'accidentally' wind up on the smoker at some point). Word has it that Kari is going to make a Boston Cream Pie. This is sort of a departure from our traditional tailgate approach so I decided to change up my reporting style and do it "live" as it were. So I will be posting as I go. Below are some pics of the prep and beginning of the cook:

Prepping the Rub - Garlic Powder, Chili Powder, Paprika, Onion Powder, and KS, BP, Cayenne, and Ground Mustard Seed

Prepping the Mop Sauce - ACV, Ketchup, AJ, Worcestershire, KS, Mustard Seed, and Bourbon (not shown)

10 Lb Butt, Liberally Rubbed, Parked in the Fridge Overnight, and Allowed to Come to RT - Onto the Mini at ~5:00 AM Running 275 with Hickory Chunks

First Mop ~ 7:45 Running 265 - IT of 103
Thanks for looking - more to come...
Looking good John, be sure to put the beans in the smoker, you won't be disappointed
Here are some mid cook pics:

Five Hours In - Mopped Every 30 Minutes or So- Grill Running 265F - IT of 157F

Eight Hours in - Tenth Mopping - Grill Tapered off to 245F - IT in Plateau at 171F

Prepping the BBBs - Navy Beans Soaked Overnight - Sauced (Ketchup, Molasses, Worcestershire, KS, BP, Stevia, & Dry Mustard) and Layered with Bacon and Onions

Some Peppers Prepped for the Smoker (Red Bell, Jalapeno, Serano, Banana, EVOO, & MS)

More to come as we work through the plateau toward dinner...
Final Set of pics:

Pulled the Butt at 195 IT, Foiled it, and Parked it in a Warm Oven - Added the Peppers to the Mini and Knocked the Temp Down to 225F

Pulled the Peppers and Added Some BBBs to the Mini

Peppers Resting

Pulling the Pork

Staged for Service

Plated with Home Made Slaw and Home made Guac

Coca-Cola Cake

Well this turned out well. The PP was probably the best I have ever made (although I was sweating the plateau there for a little while). The combination of the rub and the mop sauce was very flavorful. The meat was tender and juicy with really good smoke flavor. I put No. Five Sauce out for folks to add to their PP but no one did (score). I wound up doing only a small portion of the BBBs on the smoker (I had used my big cast iron dutch and it would not fit onto the mini - tactical error on my part). The smoked BBBs were good but not great. The smoked ones were better than the oven ones (go figure). The slaw was also very good. Kari's Coca-Cola cake stole the show (as usual). It was sweet and gooey (reminded me of one of those molten chocolate cakes on Carnival Cruise Lines. All in all, the themed meal was a great success and the best part is I have a lot of leftovers which are now in the freezer waiting for the next hurried evening. Thanks for looking.