Summer’s comin’ just not yet

MikeS in Alaska

We’ve been in a bit of a cool spell since the first of the year. On New Years Eve the local weather was 46°F and rain changing overnight to +8°F and 10 inches of snow on New Years Day. Since then we’ve been on the south side of Zero bouncing between -17°F and -5°F. The latest word is cold to continue. Really? It gets cold in the winter around here?

Subzero temps are a great time to go spelunking and clean the freezers. You can spread everything out on the porch and do a sort and inventory. I knew I had another pork butt in there somewhere.

In celebration of gaining 3 minutes and 29 seconds of daylight for a daily total of just over 6 hours of daylight, we thawed a couple of bone-in strip steaks for the grill.

I used charcoal in the kettle as the propane is a bit sluggish on these days. The charcoal was recycled leftovers from the Thanksgiving turkey.

Getting the cover off the kettle at these temps can be a bit tricky. Use caution to avoid shattering your cover.

The evening twilight was a bit earlier than I anticipated.

The steaks were just a tad too medium but was a bit distracted by the cold.

Chargrilled steak, baked potato, and steamed cauliflower.

And ice cream for desert with a few of this summer’s raspberries.

Luckily when the temps take a dip like this, the wind is usually calm or very very light. This allows the growth of hoarfrost crystals. The crystals are very delicate, Even the sunshine can cause them to collapse. Under the right conditions, the crystals take on a kind of Disneyesque fairy tale look.

Helps you forget there is still another 120 days of winter..

Enjoy your day!

If the images do not display it may be because I use a “self-signed” certificate. Sorry but I won’t feed the machine.


TVWBB All-Star
Thanks for sharing these annotated pics; I enjoyed reading! I wish I had family in Alaska with whom I could visit because I believe I'd enjoy a brief stay.


TVWBB Olympian
16 below, and you're eating ice cream? :)

Looks like a good meal and kudos for not letting the cold keep ya from firing up!

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
You are a hardier man than I am Mike, no way I would go out in temperatures like that. Great pictures, really enjoyed them.