Steak Club #73 - Ribeye


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
Last night was my turn to host Steak Club (#73 since we started in June of '17.) I went with a classic.....ribeyes. Picked up some decently marbled choice specimens from CostCo. They were a little floppy/loose, so I tied them to keep them uniform, then gave them a salting, and rested uncovered in the fridge for a few hours.


Seasoned them up with some steak seasoning (McCormick, I think), and popped them on the pellet grill @ 250°. When they hit an average of 120° across the three of them, I seared them on Grill Grates in the Genesis 1. Post flip:


About a minute per side on the sear, and a bit around the circumference, then they came off to rest for a bit. Sliced them up, and had this nice plate of beef for the guys


Served this up with a cheesy hashbrown casserole and caesar salad on the side. Bourbon and cigars were dessert. A very tasty meal!

73 club meetings and I haven't made the list yet.

Those are beauties, and I'm sure you had some fine dining and entertainment among friends!
How does one become a member in this club?
Well, guys, step one is living within walking distance of my house. After that, there's a lot of chanting, voting, and consultation of the Great Sky Cow to determine if some is fit for membership! :) My neighbor is putting his house on the market, though, so food for thought! :)

Your best bet is to just start your own club. Find 2 or more steak-minded folks, and rotate hosting duties on a monthly basis. :)

I have a 4" and a 3" binder filled with steak recipes. Maybe DH should start a branch of the club on the East side of the states. :rolleyes: 😋
I can walk from my brothers house, does that count? I can stumble back after a few drinks and some steak too!!