Stanbroil Stainless Steel Cooking Grates $25.99


Kevin L (NKY)

I bought these same grates for my Silver C a couple months ago and just did a couple cooks on them they heat up nice,clean up real good, and after a few heat cycles we'll do even better.
I like them,would buy another set.


TVWBB Member
I ordered them few days ago but didn't see the promo for free Thermometer probe so canceled and reordered. Maybe I just missed it but right if mention it.

Joe Anshien

TVWBB All-Star
My grill has nice thick non-magnetic SS grates but they are pitted in places. I was just wondering if there are any suggestions on restoring these. I did wire cup them, and flap disk them with the grinder. Would a grinding disk on the grinder damage them?