SOLD: Beswood 250 meat slicer $100 + shipping


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Some may recall that four years ago, I made a popular video about the Beswood 250 meat slicer. The good folks at Beswood took notice and have offered to send me the new Beswood 250 in sexy red. I am taking them up on the offer, but who needs two meat slicers? I'm letting my lightly used slicer go for just $100 + UPS shipping to your destination. It's a $348 slicer, so this will be a great deal for someone!

Let me know if you're interested.

I have that exact same meat slicer and it's a beast, I say that in a good way. Nothing slows it down.
recently cut up three slabs of bacon I smoked (a full pork belly) 38 packages of 6 slices each 228 slices, total time 20 minuets. Went through those slabs like a hot knife through soft butter.
Somebody is going to get a great deal for a $100!
I'm stuck on the "who needs two slicers" part!! :)

I, too, like my Beswood slicer. Makes quick work of everything, though it can be tedious to clean (likely not specific to the Beswood, just a slicer thing.)