Smokefire cooks

They look amazing. I'm new to the SF - do you do the ribs on the top rack?
Hi Jim,

You bet! I seldom use the bottom grate unless I’ve cranked the temp to max and am trying to sear.


If one of my proteins is lagging behind or is undercooked, I bring it to the bottom for a bit.

Don‘t forget to post some pictures!
So Brad, how would you rate EX4 now that you have had this for a good while, and would recommend
it to a novice ?
I would rate it a 8/10. I’ll be the first to acknowledge I don‘t care for the hopper placement, based on my outdoor set up. I’d prefer a more traditional hopper placement on the side, but it’s not a deal breaker. The grease drainage is the biggest dislike. Would I recommend it? I really would. Here’s why:

1.) It’s a Weber

2.) It does what it needs to and does it well. Please see the graph below, related to my ribs pictured above at 225.

3.) It does have some quirks and I think it’s important that a novice learns what they’ve gotten into. The better you understand what you have, the more you appreciate it and the easier it becomes to navigate through said quirks.

4.) Those quirks are mainly keeping this thing clean and using a drip tray with fatty meats. I use a $1.00 plastic putty knife to clean my grill after about a dozen cooks or so. This is what it looks like. I can tell you almost all Smokefire/ other pellet grill(s) fires are started because of lack of cleaning the rails and the bottom of the cooker.
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