Smoked Meatloaf


Pat G

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I used 50/50 ground pork and ground beef with onions, mushrooms and Monterrey jack cheese.

On the Performer with some apple for flavor.

Getting there.

Sauced with SBR Sweet & Spicy sauce.

All done.

This was really good. This is the first time I mixed pork and beef, it won't be the last.

Thanks for looking.:cool:


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Great looking loaf!

I like to mix pork in, but since the wife wont eat pork, most often we end up with beef. I also like to do ground chicken thighs. Or a mix of ground chicken and seasoned pork.

Barb D

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That is one great looking meatloaf. When I do my smoke meatloaf, I use pork, beef and turkey. Makes for a great combo.
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Rich Dahl

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Nice looking meatloaf Pat. Barb is the meatloaf queen here she always adds something different when she makes one. Always good though.


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Excellent Meatloaf Pat. Throw in some Italian Sausage in your next batch, you won't be disappointed